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Hello and by way of an introduction allow me to explain that reading crime-fiction novels has always intrigued me, especially exciting authors such as Dick Francis, Jeffrey Archer and Jeffrey Deaver. Over the years I’ve found these authors have had a way of placing ordinary people into extraordinary and fast-moving situations. In truth, those stories so intrigued me that I found myself wondering if I could do that? Or, as the saying goes, might I have a book in me?

However, before reaching for my keyboard, I knew that I wanted to give my readers a steady stream of fast-moving action as opposed to encasing little “nuggets” of activity within reams of descriptive narrative. After that it was just a matter of not knowing what I might achieve until I’d tried, my efforts supported by the certainty that I’d only ever fail if I quit!

After that it was self-discipline all the way as the germ of an idea developed into The Drysdale Confession. This is a fast-moving story with, I hope, believable characters who find themselves drawn into a web of murder, arson, drug running and criminal enterprise with devastating and tragic consequences. The Far Reaches, my second book, takes over where the first one finished, continuing at a brisk, action packed pace where fraud, murder, assassination and smuggling build towards a terrifying and unexpected conclusion. My third book, The Truth Will Out, is a collection of eleven, fast-moving, short stories designed to hold reader attention and excite curiosity as the truth comes out.

Thank you and please spare a few minutes to read the Reviews section of my website. As always, reader comments are appreciated and can be emailed to peter@peterwarrilow.com