The Drysdale Confession.


London. November 1962.

Hours before he is due to be executed for his part in armed robbery and murder Stephen Drysdale hands a sealed envelope to Gerald Lambert, his solicitor. Drysdale, innocent of the shootings, had been the getaway driver for two armed robbers whom he claims not to have known. Shortly after the robbery, having crashed the car, he is trapped in the wreckage while his murderous companions escaped with the money. Later, ignoring Drysdale’s predicament, the pair establish a system for making contact in the event of any unexpected future emergencies before going their separate ways.

Years later the still sealed envelope reappears, handed over to the ageing Lambert by a visitor from Canada. Cautiously, Lambert breaks the seal, watched by his wife, Sarah, and Yvonne Clarkson, an attractive young journalist and her partner Robert Vere, a solicitor. Although friends of Lambert the young couple are merely witnesses, unaware that the “genie is being let out of the bottle.” Following a coincidence one slender piece of information leads Clarkson to George Noakes, an ageing boxing trainer. Believing Noakes to be one of the gunmen she panics him into contacting the other gunman, Miles Overstone, now a master criminal specialising in extortion and drug running. Unknowingly Yvonne triggers a chain of events that is to draw the pair into a web of fraud, murder, abduction and attempted murder.

Systematically, Vere, Clarkson, and the police are outwitted by Overstone who is now desperate to leave the country. Recognising the threat posed by the couple he cunningly lures them into captivity, later leaving them to face a lingering and cruel death as he drives away. With time running out the police finally get the information they need to raid Overstone’s property. But will their rescue efforts be successful, or will they be left recovering bodies? Set in and around London and the Thames Valley area this fast-moving thriller reaches a terrifying, and horrific climax, as time runs out for those involved with unexpected consequences.