Close That Sale

Might this just be the best £3 you’re ever likely to spend?

Well, if you already work in sales, employ salespeople, carry out “in-house” sales training, have staff you want to promote into selling or know someone who wants to begin a career in selling, this book could well be for you.

With my own career in sales, sales management and business consultancy spanning more than forty years I’ve a fair idea what works and what doesn’t. In this book I’m sharing with you my knowledge of the sales process. And, while highlighting everything that worked for me, I’ve not left out the “own goals” or those “wow, I wish I’d known about that then” moments.

Obviously it’s impossible to paraphrase the whole book in one page but, to help, chapters include: Product Presentation, The People Business, Qualifying, Planning, Questions, Answers and Telephones, the salesperson’s “flight plan,”  Prospecting, Risk Reversal, Using curiosity, Two Little Words, Overcoming objections, Discounts, a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), The Customer Always has a Choice, The Price Barrier, The Sales Manager, Closing the Sale and Follow ups. (Plus, more)

And for those anxious to begin a career in selling, the last chapters are for you since they contain practical advice on job hunting, preparing for the Interview and the interview itself. They also contain the Five Most Important Questions to ask when being interviewed.

And finally, the old saying says that if you haven’t been there you can’t teach it. Well, in my case I’ve most certainly been there and I’m happy to share the experiences with you. Hopefully, some or all will be of benefit. Thank you.